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Learn the Lindy Hop at Swing On In Dance School on the Gold Coast

The Lindy Hop is also referred to as the Jitterbug and is the grandfather of swing dancing.


This energetic, fun, groovy and sometimes goofy dance style is our first love. This was one of the first great partner dances of the swing era and came out of the Savoy Ballroom, Harlem in the late 1920’s. The story goes that it was named by George “Shorty” Snowden who when asked what it was that he was dancing replied that he was doing the Lindy Hop because ‘we’re flying just like Lindy did’.

He was referring to the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh who had just hopped the Atlantic. Many famous Lindy dancers came from the Savoy Ballroom and spread the word across the world. One such person was the great master Frankie Manning. Frankie was one of the last surviving members of the original Lindy Hop dance troupe, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers before he passed away in 2009. His memory and legacy are being carried on by swing dancers around the world. This dance style has strong Afro-American and jazz influences that encourage individuality and spontaneity. All in all, it’s a lot of fun!


Learn the Lindy Hop on the Gold Coast and Bangalow (NSW).

Our dance school has Lindy Hop classes twice a week. We have three dance school locations around the Gold Coast region for your convenience. Each evening includes 5 distinct classes.

The cost is just $15 per person for the entire evening, you may stay for as many classes and as much social dancing as you like.

All classes at our dance school are open for all ages and do not require you to bring a partner. Be sure to wear flat comfortable shoes that do not have a tread. We also recommend that you bring a towel and wear deodorant.

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or contact us using the form below to book. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

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